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CEO Message

Have you taken a good look at Norwalk Community Hospital lately?

If not, you might not recognize us.

We are committed to providing quality, accessible care to Norwalk and surrounding communities. At Norwalk Community Hospital, patient experience is our top priority. Being in a hospital can be a very unsettling experience; if you are one of our patients or visitors, you will be treated with respect.

We are an important part of the Norwalk community, and the community is an important part of our hospital. Most of our physicians and employees live in the community, creating a culture of neighbors taking care of neighbors.

Knowing you are in qualified hands is important in healthcare. For this reason, we are proud to share with you that we are nationally recognized in patient safety, pulmonary services and GI treatment, as well as a variety of other clinical treatments. For a complete list of our clinical quality awards, click here. 

We also have long relationships with local community organizations and hold health fairs throughout the year. We have partnered with senior centers, skilled nursing facilities and local board and care facilities to ensure smooth transitions in care.

We are extremely proud of the recent changes at our hospital and our relationship with the residents of Norwalk and neighboring cities. We’re committed to providing our neighbors with quality, compassionate and accessible healthcare.

Hector Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer

Carmelo James
Chief Nursing Officer