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Prospect Medical CEO’s Message to Our Employees and Patients


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I want to thank all of you for the tremendous work you are doing every day to care for our patients. In this time of tremendous change, I am grateful for all you do and the professionalism and care you show those who rely on us for care.

I want to update you on some of the important work underway across our healthcare system as we work together to ensure the health and safety of our associates and the communities we serve as COVID-19 continues to present a threat not only across the country, but around the globe.

Prospect Medical leaders at every level of our organization, clinical and non-clinical alike, are working around the clock to be responsive and proactive in the fight to identify and treat those infected by the virus, and protect those who are not from the threat.  Teams are meeting several times a day to assess the evolving situation, particularly its impacts on our employees and providers, patients and their families, hospitals and other facilities, communities, and those we are proud to serve.

Some updates regarding various steps we’ve taken at Corporate in response to COVID-19, and at various hospitals and facilities across our healthcare system:

  • We are following the recommendations of local and state government agencies regarding keeping business offices open. If it becomes necessary to close an administrative office, employees of that location will be notified by their leadership and steps will be taken to ensure the process happens quickly and seamlessly.
  • We have prepared helpful resources that can be used to clarify treatment protocols, as well as a toolkit to assist local facilities in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We are monitoring the number of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 at all Prospect Medical (PM) facilities daily.
  • We have restricted visitation at all facilities except for pediatrics, obstetrics, and outpatient appointments. In these areas, one support person is permitted access after appropriate screening. Visitation for patients nearing end of life will be determined by individual healthcare teams.
  • All PM hospitals have emergency incident command centers in place.
  • We have restricted volunteers, vendors (not involved in clinical cases), and students at all PM facilities.
  • All PM hospitals have decreased points of entry to allow for increased monitoring and screening of individuals entering our facilities.
  • We have enacted a PMH Incident Command Center (ICC) that supports the hospital ICCs; we also conduct a seven-day-a-week operational call with all facility incident commanders to remain aware of necessary information.
  • Several of our facilities have opened drive-up screening centers to help decrease the demand on hospitals staffs, and better serve our communities.
  • We are working with all our facilities to responsibly manage supplies, equipment, capacity and workforce strategic planning.

Additionally, senior leaders across Prospect Medical are conducting daily executive briefings to ensure they have the latest information on our efforts to contain and mitigate the effects of this virus. The leaders are then sharing this information with staff throughout their hospitals or care facilities. If you have not received such information, I encourage you to reach out to your direct supervisor with any questions or concerns.

Currently, forecasting the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic is an inexact science.  Estimates are unreliable, at best.  We will, therefore, continue to provide updates on our plans and actions for the foreseeable future.

In closing, I’m reminded that we’ve chosen to work in healthcare because this is where we want to be, and believe we best serve our purpose through the care we provide.  I’m aware that we make extraordinary sacrifices to do what we do.  Those choices are ultimately about one thing: caring about and for others in ways that improve their lives.  As we face the uncertainties and challenges presented by COVID-19, let’s remember when we are caring for our patients, we are at our best.  We are making real and lasting differences in thousands of lives every day.

In time, the threat the coronavirus presents will pass.  But what won’t change is the way we care.  The way to commit to doing our very best for the people and communities we serve. That’s why  I want you to know how very grateful I am for the way you’re working tirelessly to care for our patients, whether you’re a caregiver or involved in maintaining our ongoing operations during this extraordinary time in our history.  Thank you for your  commitment to those we are privileged to serve, and for the privilege you provide me of leading  our organization  of  exceptional people.