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3 Tips for Achieving New Year’s Resolutions


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To be successful in achieving New Year’s resolutions is to determine what motivates you, which differs from person to person. For example, did you complete a marathon because you had a spouse or training partner depending on you?  Or did you launch that business because you wanted to prove others wrong?

It’s all about making your resolutions—be they health, financial, educational or relational—a priority, and then taking action that aligns with your daily habits and schedules.

Taking action, even one tiny action every day, is what has to happen if you’re going to make this year different! Below are actions to do daily, rather than once a year, to continue growing, exploring, and evolving every day.

  1. Practice getting in touch with your desires: This practice contains a lot of questions, but these questions can effectively help you focus on what you want to accomplish in 2022.
  1. Practice Self-awareness: In every situation, check in with yourself. Pause and ask yourself: “What do I feel, sense, notice, think, believe, and know?” Constantly explore these things because they can teach you so much about your true self.  Self-awareness is always going to be a practice because you are never done. You may still lose your temper from time to time, but that’s OK; breath and return to the questions. Now check in: “What just happened there, what could have set me off?” When you work on being aware of yourself, you are much better able to create new behaviors.
  1. Practice taking action: Do it anyway!!  Mel Robbins book, The 5-Second Rule, set up this successful phrase. “Don’t feel like exercising? Do it anyway. Don’t feel like reading that book?  Do it anyway!” There are so many things that you won’t feel like doing, but the key is to just do them anyway!  Even the best professional athletes have days they don’t feel like training. But they “Just Do It” anyway! Do not sit around and wait for the motivation to strike, just get up and take the action anyway.