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Nurses' Perspectives

"I can make a contribution to the community I live in.”

“I like working at Norwalk Community Hospital because it gives me a chance to give back to the community I live in. With my 43 years of nursing experience, I can make a contribution to my neighbors. It's also a great family-centered environment.” - Janice, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, Norwalk Community Hospital 

“We make the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible.”

“I love working here because of the care provided to our patients through teamwork. Our case management team is dedicated to making the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible by coordinating post-hospital care with the patient’s doctor and loved ones.” – Anna, RN, Case Management, Norwalk

“I Love to Provide Bedside Care to My Patients.”

“I love working at Norwalk Community Hospital because I can be at the bedside to help patients to feel safe, and see happy they are when they get better. I love that I can help families feel comfortable in an often-uncomfortable situation. And, I love to work with doctors to help keep a patient free from infection, or notify them when a patients vital signs may need assistance.” - Cheryl, RN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk

“My Coworkers are Friendly and Foster a Team Environment Critical in Patient Care.”

“It’s easy to work at Norwalk Community Hospital because coworkers make it that way. They are friendly and foster a team environment. When a patient is critical, that's when teamwork is so important.  My teammates are always here for me. I’ve been here for five years because it's a great place to work!” - Jerusa, RN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk

“What I’m Doing Here Really Matters.”

“When I came to Norwalk Community Hospital nearly a year ago, I was a new nurse. I was fortunate to receive a great orientation from both the nurses and the doctors to enable me to start out strong.  What I’m now doing is real work here where it matters.” - Essie, RN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk

Employee Perspective Silena

“I’ve Had the Opportunity to Expand my Clinical Expertise.”

“Norwalk Community Hospital is a great place to expand one’s nursing education and career.  Coming from a nursing home environment, I had a lot of experience working with patients; but here, I got the opportunity to expand my clinical expertise with lab results, IVs and monitoring vitals, as well as communicating with patients who may be very sick. It's a great place to work!” - Silena, LVN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk Community Hospital

Employee Perspective Zeke

“Beyond the Great Camaraderie, I also Learn Something New Every Day.”

“I came to Norwalk Community Hospital from a long-term care setting to expand my experience in an acute care hospital.  Beyond the great camaraderie, I also learn something new every day.  Joining this team shortly before the pandemic began, gave me a fast-track education, with the opportunity to both expand my knowledge and to learn how to adapt in an unknown pandemic environment such as COVID-19.” - Zeke, RN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk Community Hospital

Employee Perspective Jezebal

“Working at Norwalk Community Hospital Has Made Me a Better Nurse.”

“Working at Norwalk Community Hospital has made me a better nurse. I work with patients with a variety of chronic diseases and learn to help my patients through medications and medical devices. My coworkers are always friendly and helpful f I need assistance with a patient. This is a great place to work to increase your knowledge and be the best quality nurse you can be.” - Jezebal, LVN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk Community Hospital

“Being an Advocate for Critical Patents is Rewarding”

"I began working at Norwalk Community Hospital as a nurse on the medical-surgical unit, followed by telemetry, and then landed in my home in the ICU. I love that I was able to experience and grow in different hospital departments. In the ICU, I am exposed to many procedures, small surgeries, chest tubes, critical patients, and various medications. Being an advocate for critical patients is really rewarding." - Bernadine, RN, Critical Care/ICU, Norwalk Community Hospital

“Providing Healthcare to an Underserved Community is Rewarding”

I love working at Los Angeles Community Hospital where I can serve a small underserved community and one in which I grew up in. Its rewarding to see patients progress and get better. My role here in the last eight years has allowed me to build my critical thinking skills and to gain experience in many areas of healthcare. Ashley, LVN, Employee Health, LA Community Hospital

“Our Culture Encourages Patient Advocacy”

The camaraderie at Norwalk Community Hospital is just one of the things that make this a great place to work.  As a manager, I’m given the tools to build the department and implement the training required for new graduate nurses, as well as take the time to help educate and in-service the nurses to provide the best family environment and quality care possible. We have an open-door policy where we share knowledge, which helps us to be better patient advocates. – Lilla, RN, Medical-Surgical Director, Norwalk Community Hospital

“It’s Like A Family Here”

I’ve been at Los Angeles Community Hospital for five years, and it’s been a great experience.  I started as a new grad.  The ICU was a great place to start because I was able to learn a lot by moving around to various departments from the ER to Telemetry to PACU and, now, as a relief house supervisor the last two years.  I also love working here because it’s like a family, where even the hospital administration knows your name. Christine, BSN, RN, ICU, LA Community Hospital

“Collaboration Keeps Us Calm in the ER”

In the Norwalk Community Hospital emergency department we never know the type of patients will come through the door—from chest pain to orthopedic conditions to power tool injuries. We have to be ready for anything and switch gears quickly. It can be a high stress environment here, so we often share knowledge to provide the best quality care. Collaboration and teamwork also help us to keep each other calm and in check. This job helps one to build self-control and breathe when a challenging patient comes in. - Philip, RN, Emergency Department, Norwalk Community Hospital

“Many Critical Thinking Opportunities”

I came to Los Angeles Community Hospital for the great opportunity as a new grad, but I’ve stayed because of the many opportunities to apply my critical thinking skills to anticipate the next steps in a patient care. We are encouraged to think independently, while at the same encouraged to ask for support from other nurses and doctors, if needed. - Jenny, RN, ICU, LA Community Hospital

“Quick Coordination Results in Comprehensive Care”

I’ve worked at Norwalk Community Hospital for 20 years and it has become “my second home.”  I’ve enjoyed mentoring younger nurses in addition to helping critical patients get the most comprehensive care needed for their illness. When we get a challenging patient, such as cardiac arrest, we can quickly coordinate care with the doctors and departments, which can range from case management to social services to spiritual care. A nurse with natural leadership and critical thinking skills is a great fit for the ICU. - Nenita, RN, Critical Care/ICU, Norwalk Community Hospital

“Diverse Patient Population Accelerates Learning”

Los Angeles Community Hospital is a great to work with a dynamic staff where you can both relate to each other and get the help you need to be a great nurse. I love that my coworkers are willing to help me with any issue. Our diverse patient population helps new nurses get accelerated training in all aspects of nursing—not just one specialty. - Whitney, RN, Medical-Surgical, LA Community Hospital

“Continuous Learning Opportunities and Flexible Environment Allows Me to Further my Nursing Education”

"I began my career working at a nursing home, so joining Norwalk Community Hospital and its fast-paced acute care setting has been a great transition for me. Working here gives me the chance to work with more diagnoses and different types of patients. I also have had great opportunity to grow my skill set. Plus, there is always continuous learning opportunities and a flexible environment that allows me to further my nursing education." – Jayben, LVN, Medical-Surgical, Norwalk Community Hospital

“Our Nurses have the Biggest Hearts”

I love being a nurse at Los Angeles Community Hospital because we provide care to an underserved patient population. These patients are truly grateful for the simplest of things; it’s so gratifying to help those in need. We provide true community healthcare.

Any nurse seeking both a heartfelt experience and an in-depth knowledge of all areas of healthcare should come here to work to get a solid foundation for the rest of his or her career. Our nurses have the biggest hearts. From the first day I came here, I was greeted with a smile.  I try to pass that same smile to my patients now. -  Tiffany, RN, Medical-Surgical, LA Community Hospital

“Leadership Support is Here to Support Us"

Los Angeles Community Hospital is dedicated to both acute patients and those requiring longer-term subacute care. I love helping these patients and watching them progress. I’ve been here 24 years and love our caring environment.  We all work together seamlessly; when there is a critical patient issue everyone does their part, follows instructions, and leaves their egos behind.

The teamwork helps staff members feel confident in knowing that leadership is there to support them. Nothing is in the way of achieving quality care here, which is why have so many veteran nurses. - Uracha, RN, Subacute, LA Community Hospital

“Opportunities You Don’t Get at Bigger Hospitals”

I like working at LA Community Hospital because it gives me the opportunity for great hospital experience and chance to work in various units. No matter which department I’ve been in, everyone is very helpful and gets me up to speed. You don't get these kinds of opportunities at bigger hospitals. - Ani, RN, Medical-Surgical/Telemetry, LA Community Hospital